Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

G’mornin’ all!  How exciting to be starting my first blog!  I’ve got so much to learn, so please bear with me and give me your gentle feedback.

As I was doing my 2014-year-end review and setting intentions for 2015, my first intention was to find a way to stay in better touch with my friends.  I am very fortunate to have so many good friends — the kind of people who know the real me with all my, shall we say,
characteristics, and still want to have lunch with me.  Now that’s a blessing!   But once we no longer work at the same office or live next door or belong to the same social group, it becomes harder and harder to see each other regularly.  Before I  know it, months have gone by without seeing particular people who are still very important to me.  So, I decided in 2015 that I would have a brunch at my home every month, invite everyone on my list of treasured friends, and just enjoy the different mix each month of who shows up.  (This would also support my second intention: keeping my house clean!)

Well let me tell you!!  The first brunch was a smashing success and such fun.  And my house is looking wonderful.  I learned so much in the process and am sure I will learn more in the brunches to come, so I decided to use a blog to document my process and to hopefully inspire others to make brunching with friends a regular event.

In future posts I’ll be sharing easy brunch recipes, shopping lists, food prep timelines, invitation designs and decorating tips.  I look forward to hearing from you with questions or other topics you’d like me to cover.

Happy brunching!